Love Star Wars? Then you're going to love this! LucasFilm has just released a new Youtube series called The Star Wars Show, which is basically a weekly round-up of all the latest Star Wars news. And to get all eyes pointed in their direction, they have unveiled a cool new deleted scene from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Best part, we get to see some never-before-revealed aliens!

But that's not all! Warcraft director Duncan Jones talks about his new video game adaptation and his experiences with Star Wars. The show's hosts Andi Gutierrez and Pete Townley take a look back at the highlights of Star Wars Day from this past May 4th. And then they unite to unveil a big Celebration Europe announcement. We also get to follow along as the Team visits the UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital, and much more!

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But most exciting for fans this week is that never-before-seen footage from The Force Awakens. Coming in at the 2:38 mark, we get to see more from inside Maz Kanata's Castle, set to the music of Jabba Flow from Hamilton creator and musician Lin-Manuel Miranda & director J.J. Abrams, who both sing on the track. While short, this cool deleted scene gives us a look at some new aliens being revealed for the first time ever.

Following the deleted footage is a pretty cool interview with Warcraft director Duncan Jones. He goes through his own history with video games, and hints that fans should be on the lookout for plenty of Easter eggs when Warcraft hits the big screen this summer. He also talks about his younger filmmaking days, when he made 8mm films using Star Wars toys and Smurfs. He had this to say about how Star Wars has influenced his work.

"Star Wars was huge to me growing up. Back in the old days, they had Sony U-Matic, which was before Betamax and VHS. When I was a kid, we had two of those that had Star Wars a New Hope on it. I had a pirate copy of that. My friends from school and I, we used to go to my house after school and we would watch this beaten up old U-Matic of Star Wars. And that was a big treat for us."

This episode of The Star Wars Show ends with a segment called Everything is Important. And it focuses on forgotten corners of the Star Wars universe. This particular segment remembers Anakin's friend Kitster. A fun bit of trivia, this Tatooine native only gets 83 seconds of screen time in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and he is credited with helping Skywalker on his journey off the planet. Will Kitster return as a wizened old Jedi in Star Wars Episode VIII? Or did he long perish on the planet of Tatooine? Perhaps you can spot his skeleton bones in the deleted scene included in the first episode of The Star Wars Show, which you can watch here in all its glory