/star-wars-spin-off-gets-godzilla-director-december-2016-release-date-announced/Yesterday, Lucasfilm and Disney announced that Gareth Edwards will direct the first Star Wars Spin-Off movie for release on December 16, 2016. At the same time, it was revealed that The Book of Eli writer Gary Whitta will be penning this intergalactic back-story for an as yet unidentified member of the Star Wars galaxy. One thing's for certain, he probably won't be focusing his energy on the Jedi Training Academy.

Back in 2011, before he had any idea he'd be working for Disney and LucasFilm on a Star Wars Spin-Off movie, before the world would even learn that Disney was buying the rights to George Lucas' expansive empire, Gary Whitta appeared on Tested.com for the 'this is only a test' podcast. There, he massively geeked out about his love for all-things Star Wars and proceeded to go on a very funny rant about the Disney Parks attraction Jedi Training Academy, which only allows kids on stage.

You can check out the clip below to find out his true thoughts on the matter. If it proves anything, it's that we'll get some much-needed humor in the first Star Wars Spin-Off. And maybe it won't be so kid-friendly.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange