A fight over Star Wars versus Star Trek got physical in Oklahoma City and lead to an arrest. The eternal argument has raged on for decades (4 decades to be exact), over many different galaxies, turning friends into enemies and love into hate. It might be safer to debate the current state of politics than it is to debate which science fiction franchise is the best. Both franchises have raked in billions of dollars and have their own cultish followings and now they have a feud that ended in bloodshed.

According to FOX25 Oklahoma City News, 23-year old Jerome Dwayne Whyte was arrested on July 1st on a complaint of assault and battery amongst other things. Whyte and another man were in an apartment having a spirited debate about Star Wars versus Star Trek when things got ugly. The victim decided to walk back to his room, taunting Whyte by saying "you're just a trick." It is not known what kind of "trick" the victim was referring to, but it could very well be the world famous Jedi Mind Trick. Though, he probably meant it in the traditional slang term sense of a 'woman who hoes'. However he meant it, it in turn infuriated Whyte.

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It is unclear which franchise Whyte chose, but for the sake of argument let's just say Star Trek. Whyte followed the victim to his room and threw him on the ground. The victim got up and asked Whyte if he'd like to "repeat that." Whyte obliged and threw the victim on the ground, then put his arm around the victim's neck, quite possibly trying to perform a Vulcan Nerve Pinch. The victim was nearly unconscious when he pulled out a pocket knife, resulting in Whyte stopping the choke out and reaching for the knife and cutting himself. Whyte then got up and left the room.

Jerome Dewayne Whyte was arrested July 1 on a complaint of assault and battery, possession of marijuana and outstanding Oklahoma County warrants. Police later booked Whyte into the Oklahoma County Jail. The victim claimed to the fight was instigated out of frustration.

Star Trek started as a television series that ran for three seasons starting in 1967 and the Trekkie was born, showing up at science fiction conventions and mobbing the stars of the shows. Fanzines were made in the absence of the show while the fan base continued to grow more rabid. By the time that Star Wars came on the scene it was seen as a Johnny-come-lately and immediately dismissed by most Trekkies, though some fell for the big budget debut of Star Wars and switched allegiances, while the hardcore planted their flag firmly with Star Trek and the battle has raged on ever since.

It would be amazing to be a fly on the wall to witness what exactly happened in that apartment last week to see what the two men were specifically arguing about. Was it based on the original movies or the reboots? Was it about the story lines and origins? Or was it the classic who existed first? We may never know, but there does seem to be some subtle clues leading to franchise fighting techniques of the Jedi Mind Trick versus the Vulcan Nerve Pinch put into action. The lesson here: Nobody wins when arguing over Star Wars versus Star Trek. Nobody.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick