There has always been a perceived divide in fandoms between Star Wars and Star Trek. Which is better? Well, that may ultimately come down to which franchise has had the worse moment, and William Shatner recently took a shot at Star Wars and the lowest of the low moments in a galaxy far far away. Yes, Captain Kirk decided to throw some shade at the much-maligned Star Wars Holiday Special.

Even George Lucas has done everything he can to erase the legacy of the Star Wars Holiday Special from the face of the planet. Somewhat unsuccessfully. It is considered to be truly awful and makes The Phantom Menace look like a masterpiece. The special recently celebrated its 38th anniversary, and William Shatner decided to take to his Twitter account to commemorate the event, by taking a shot at Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Chewbacca himself, Peter Mayhew.

"Happy Anniversary of Life Day! @TheWookieeRoars 38 years ago today! @HamillHimself @carrieffisher 2 hours of my life! #poof! #gone!"

No doubt the Star Wars Holiday Special is worth poking some fun at. As was pointed out in the tweet, the special centered on a ridiculous Wookiee holiday called Life Day on the planet of Kashyyyk. But calling out Chewbacca is never a good idea. So, Peter Mayhew decided to remind William Shatner that Star Trek has had some terrible moments as well. One of which William Shatner was directly responsible for. Here was his response.

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"[email protected] Thank you Bill! And the same to you! #2hours #poof #StarTrekVTheFinalFrontier #IKnowTheFeeling #AtLeastYouGetRoyalties"

For those who may not be familiar, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier was directed by William Shatner and was released in 1989. The movie is considered a serious low point for the franchise and saw the crew of the Enterprise dealing with Spock's half-brother, who leads them on a search for God at the center of the galaxy. Just to give an idea just how much people don't like this movie, it currently has a 23 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes from critics, and only a 24 percent audience score.

On the other hand, the Star Wars Holiday Special only ever aired once and even the most diehard of diehard Star Wars fans can't find a way to defend it. Save for the fact that Boba Fett made his debut on the special in an animated short. Granted, many have seen it, but more so just to say that they have seen it. At least Star Trek V: The Final Frontier can be found in DVD combo packs at Walmart. It is bad, but not "erase it from the archives" bad. The Star Wars Holiday special can really only be found in sketchy bootlegs at conventions or poor quality YouTube uploads. In any case, this was a pretty funny exchange and surely the two don't actually harbor any ill feelings toward one another. You can check out the Twitter exchange for yourself below.

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Ryan Scott