Ben Bronske is a 20-month old toddler who received a special home visit from some Stormtroopers who were curious about his Star Wars prosthetic leg, which is decorated with, of course, Stormtroopers. The troopers definitely approved of the design and gave the boy some high fives after he figured out that they weren't there to harm him. Bronske was born with an uncommon condition called macrodactyly, where the tissues and bones in his foot were growing at an accelerated rate. His family had to make the difficult choice to amputate young Ben's lower leg after his first birthday.

Seattle Children's hospital's prosthetic department goes to great lengths to make sure they build just what a patient needs and in this case, they made sure to let Ben Bronske's parents know that the prosthetic was the best choice. Once the prosthetic was designed, the parents were able to customize it in any way that they saw fit. Ben's mother said she chose a gray color because it would match just about everything that he likes to dress in. As for the Star Wars fabric featuring the Stormtroopers, she says that she found it in a fabric store and just thought that it looked cool (which it does). It also helps that the family are all huge Star Wars fans.

Ben Bronske received his prosthetic in August and has been running around the house ever since. However, the toddler was taken aback when a group of Stormtroopers stopped by his house to check on him. Soon after Ben returned home from the hospital, Seattle Children's set up a special surprise: A pack of Stormtroopers came marching down his street, straight to his house. He was a little scared at first, but he soon warmed up and showed the Stormtroopers his leg with their classic design on it. His mother explains.

"He was a little unsure of the idea of them being full-sized and up close. He at first refused to look at them, but by the end he was smiling and poking their armor."

The sight of Stormtroopers would scare the hell out of grown men, so it's pretty awesome that young Ben was able to get comfortable and chill with his new friends. He even pointed to his leg and said, "boom boom," which is the sound that their guns make, according to the toddler. He was even wearing a black Stormtroopers shirt that proclaims, "I'm a Trooper." Ben even pulls up his pants to show off his prosthetic when people are talking about Star Wars, which is pretty damn cool for a little dude who's almost 2-years old.

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Seattle Children's Hospital truly did an amazing job on Ben Bronske's prosthetic and even went above and beyond anything that the family could ever imagine. Ben was able to chill with some Stormtroopers thanks to the hospital and the amazing staff working there, making a little boy's day as well as giving the family something that they will never forget. As for Ben, he's expected to be able to jump and play sports with his prosthetic and doesn't seem to mind it one bit now that he's used to it. Hopefully he stops chasing his sister though, that's just plain dangerous. You can read more about Ben Bronske's awesome Star Wars prosthetic and his visit from real-life Stormtroopers via ABC News.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick