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IT'S OFFICIAL! The Star Wars Episode II teaser WILL BE playing in front of Monster Inc. on Friday November 2nd! In fact it was already viewed at cast and crew screenings of the film! All North American copies of Monsters Inc. will have the trailer attached, so if you see the movie don't be late! You don't wanna miss the trailer!

Still don't believe me? Listen to the CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, confirm it for himself! Click this!

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In other Star Wars news, our first view of the new toys has been announced on the official site! Click here to bask in the glory of Attack Of The Clones' Obi-Wan!

By the end of this week you will see Lights Out Entertainment's official "hub" of everything related to the new Star Wars! We're gonna cover it all, so if you're a Star Wars freak like us you're gonna wanna tune in often to our new section! See Star Wars like you'll never see it again, covered by the most unusual fans in the galaxy.

In other movie news, our friends over at 13th Street have posted an article about producer John Davis and the confirmation of Fox moving ahead with Aliens vs. Predator!

Stay tuned for the Lights Out review of independent horror movie The Convent! ~Brian

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