We were recently treated to some new footage from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, courtesy of a new trailer that was revealed at Disney's D23 Expo and later made its way online. A fan of the franchise has taken it upon themselves to couple this new footage with the previously released teaser trailer, which initially hit the web after debuting at Star Wars Celebration in April, to give us a comprehensive look at everything we have from the upcoming conclusion to the trilogy. And it's pretty incredible.

YouTuber Nathan Rojas is responsible for the edit and it clocks in at 2 minutes and 42 seconds. It's a sobering reminder of just how little footage we've been shown for the follow-up to The Last Jedi. The video kicks off the same as the initial teaser, with Rey flipping over what is presumably Kylo Ren piloting his new Tie Fighter. It then proceeds through the rest of the teaser footage, with bits of the D23 special look spliced in. The whole thing concludes with Rey and Kylo fighting, leading into the Dark Rey reveal, which is juxtaposed against that gentle Darth Vader breathing and the Palpatine laugh from the end of the first teaser. Those two things put together truly are a lot to process.

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Director J.J. Abrams and Lucasfilm are keeping a tight lid on this movie's secrets. And Abrams is specifically known for his misdirects. Case in point, Rey's dark turn at the end of the latest teaser has sparked many theories. A persistent theory is that she's somehow tied to Palpatine, though the specifics of how that could unfold remain a topic of debate. Seeing the footage set against the laugh does make the overarching theory of Rey being tied to Palpatine all the more compelling.

What we know for sure is that this movie will conclude the Skywalker saga. The future of Star Wars on the big screen will belong, at least in part, to David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, the duo behind Game of Thrones. They're set to kick off a new trilogy, set totally apart from the story we're familiar with, in December 2022. So not only will the Skywalker saga be concluding, but we're also going to have a three-year gap between movies, the longest by far since Disney released The Force Awakens in 2015. The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson is also planning a new trilogy of movies.

We're likely to get a new, full-length trailer sometime this fall. If the pattern follows, it'll come in October, possibly during a major NFL game, as tickets for the movie go on sale. Though, we'd expect that the footage will be quite light on dishing out any big secrets. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is set to arrive in theaters on December 20. Be sure to check out the trailer edit from Nathan Rojas' YouTube channel for yourself.