When many people merely think about the beloved Star Wars franchise, the iconic theme from John Williams automatically starts playing in their heads. Imagine John Williams' surprise last week, when he heard his own music being played outside his own home, by two musically-inclined fans. A new video surfaced this week that has already gone viral, which shows how the composer reacted to these musicians.

On July 11, 13-year-old trupmeter Bryce Hayashi and accomplished musician Michael Miller, a.k.a. "Mickle," joined forces to perform the iconic Star Wars theme on the sidewalk outside of John Williams' home. The YouTube video has already gone viral, with over 1.1 million views. With Bryce Hayashi playing the high notes and Michael Miller playing the low notes on a flugelhorn, the master himself, comes out of his home at the 50-second mark to wave hello, and then comes out to meet these musicians at the 1:24 mark. Here's what the composer had to say upon greeting these musicians.

"I started to listen and I thought, 'Oh, they would never make it,' and they did!"

The video, which was recorded by one of John Williams' neighbors, ends with Michael Miller telling John Williams that young Bryce Hayashi played the "high parts." Unfortunately, we don't get to see more of this meeting between a musical legend and a 13-year-old upstart, but it's still quite a wonderful sight to behold. We also have a behind-the-scenes video with both Michael Miller and Bryce Hayashi rehearsing in a parking garage before making the trip to John Williams' house.

It isn't known how Michael Miller and young Bryce Hayashi started working together, but Michael Miller is best known for serving as the musical director and composer on the hit 1980s TV series Solid Gold. He also composed the opening theme song for the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, which was performed by John Denver. Hopefully we'll learn more about this fateful meeting, and how these musicians started working together as this video continues to go viral.

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As for John Williams himself, it was confirmed last month that he will compose the score for Star Wars 8, which recently wrapped principal photography and is set for release on December 15, 2017. Hopefully we'll be hearing much more about the musical careers of Bryce Hayashi and Michael Miller in the near future. Until then check out both the video of their performance outside John Williams' house, and their rehearsal video below.