Star Wars star Mark Hamill was recently asked what the goofiest Star Wars toy was and his response is pretty awesome. The goofiest Star Wars toy or merchandise is quite a difficult question since there are so many weird toys and pieces of merchandise over the years. The George Lucas family action figures certainly come to mind, so does the Darth Vader/Death Star Transformer, the somewhat sexual C-3P0 tape dispenser, or maybe the Darth Vader toaster. There's honestly too many to count, but Hamill has a definitive answer on the subject.

Mark Hamill was asked by Scott Weinberg on Twitter which is the goofiest Luke toy or merchandise that he's ever seen. Luke Skywalker himself responded promptly that the winner was the Tauntaun with the open belly to sleep inside of. Hamill says this.

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"Too many to choose just 1, but the Luke that could be removed from a disemboweled Tauntaun certainly comes to mind."

To be clear, Luke Skywalker didn't come with the toy Tauntaun, he was sold separately. But the ads on television and print definitely show Luke Skywalker chilling in the belly of a Tauntaun. The toy from The Empire Strikes Back let kids reenact the scene where Han Solo rescues Luke from freezing to death, and cuts open the belly of a Tauntaun so that Luke can keep warm in the snow. It's a very vivid and graphic scene and Kenner thought it would be an excellent idea to capitalize on the cutting open of an animal for survival. As children played with the bizarre toy over the months, the rubber belly of the Tauntaun started to turn to a yellow color, adding to the overall creepiness. Many years later a Tauntaun sleeping bag was manufactured for adults and children alike to reenact the gross scene in real-life, allowing people to sleep in the carcass of a Tauntaun.

Recently Star Wars fans have been able to buy a Lando Calrissian disguise kit, which consisted of an oversized fake mustache and even a Darth Vader burger from Burger King. The dark burger was only available in Belgium, but it consisted of a burger bun that was dyed black. If you were thinking of ways to make Burger King any less appealing, a black bun would be a good start. Another star to get many different types of toys and merchandise was R2-D2. There were action figures, remote control toys, cookie jars, t-shirts, coolers, and even an aquarium. Yes, an aquarium.

Next up, somebody should ask what Hamill's favorite Star Wars toy or merchandise is. In fact, it would be interesting to hear what most of the cast thinks of this question. While we wait in suspense for those answers to come in you can check out Kenner's original 1981 commercial promoting the Tauntaun as well as the Hoth Wampa. One of the kid actors says Wampa over and over and then you can see the Tauntaun toy in its full glory. Check out the video and Hamill's tweets below.