When it was announced that Game of Thrones creators were going to be penning a new Star Wars trilogy, fans were thrilled. After the final season of Thrones, they were less so. It seems the writing duo's excitement may be waning as well because it is being reported that David Benioff and Dan Weiss may only write the treatment and a single script for the upcoming trilogy.

Originally, Benioff and Weiss were slated to write and produce all three films. Sources now say that they are committed to writing the treatment for the entire trilogy, but they have only agreed to write at least one script. Overall, details have been scarce for the space opera that still remains an "Untitled Star Wars Project," but with the writing seat in question too, things may begin to look very different.

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This news comes after the showrunners signed a five-year, $250 million deal with Netflix. No projects have been announced for the streaming service yet, but the company is taking a bit of a risk on the GOT legends. One top executive spoke had this to say.

"The only way to make a deal like this work is if you have multiple shows. The bet is that they'll do another Game of Thrones, and that's a big bet."

Multi-year deals are becoming commonplace in the age of streaming, just as it had been during Hollywood's Golden Age of studios. Only now, these deals are worth a lot more money and carry a lot more risk. The showrunners' former home, HBO reportedly turned down an overall deal with the creators because they were unwilling to pay their asking price.

On the other hand, HBO's parent company WarnerMedia is in final talks with another Star Wars family member, J.J. Abrams, for a $500 million pact. Shanda Rhimes currently has eight projects in development under her $100 million deal with Netflix. Ryan Murphy agreed to $300 million for five years. Then there is of course Greg Berlanti who has a staggering 18 series on the air for Warner Bros. including the very popular ArrowVerse.

Despite only successfully executing one series, Benioff and Weiss have now entered the world of multitasking creatives. After the rushed final seasons of GOT that caused petitions and outcry from some fans, some are skeptical about them pulling more onto their plate. Netflix doesn't seem to be worried about Benioff and Weiss' ambition though. A person close to the deal said the streamer isn't expecting any completed works from the creators for 10 years.

With so much time, and merely a couple things formally announced in their pipeline, the possibilities are still open for more Star Wars involvement from the GOT alums. However, after waiting nearly a decade for Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin to finish writing the novels, and then having to finish the series on their own anyway, they might just appreciate the option to pass the baton to another creator half-way through. After all, Abrams did. This news comes to us from The Hollywood Reporter.