It seems that they even had horror a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away. has revealed that a brand new novel in the Star Wars universe will take a horror spin on the classic franchise.

Star War: Deathtroopers

The novel is entitled Deathtroopers, written by Joe Schreiber, and will be released on paperback on October 27, just in time for Halloween. Take a look at the cover art for the novel that was released below.

Schreiber himself commented on the novel on his blog and here's an excerpt about the new novel.

"I'm going to be writing a Star Wars horror novel for Lucasfilm, to be released in November of 2009. And although I've been specifically asked not to talk about the content of the book, I can tell you that A) It's going to be very scary and B) It's hopefully going to be released on the same day that my original horror novel The Black Wing comes out. I'm thrilled (to death, obviously) to have this opportunity, and almost as thrilled to tell you about it."

Deathtroopers hits the book shelves on October 27, 2009.