Way back in 2005, seven years before LucasFilm was sold to Disney, George Lucas announced the development of a new live-action TV series entitled Star Wars: Underworld, which already had over 100 scripts written and ready to be shot. Production never happened on the series, which was set between the original Star Wars trilogy and the prequels. Today we have a new report from TV Line, which claims the project is currently dead, although it still may be resurrected at some point.

The site spoke with ABC president Paul Lee, who stated the network doesn't have any plans for the show at the moment, since Disney and LucasFilm are so focused on the Star Wars movie franchise at this time. The site also spoke with an unidentified LucasFilm representative, who stated that the company's only focus in TV at this time is in animation, such as the beloved Disney XD series Star Wars Rebels. However, it is still possible that this series could come to fruition, at some point.

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Last month, LucasFilm president Kathleen Kennedy revealed that they have spent a lot of time reading through the scripts that have already been written by scribes such as Ronald D. Moore and many others. Rumors also started to circulate last month that Netflix may pick up the series for a 2017 debut, but that was never confirmed. While no exact plot details have been released, Star Wars: Underworld reportedly revolves around the seedier side of the universe, following a group of Bounty Hunters. It was described as both a Western and a gangster epic, with producer Rick McCallum describing it as "The Godfather and Deadwood in space."

One unidentified insider told TV Line they think it's "smart" that LucasFilm isn't developing right now, stating "they're looking to avoid the Marvel-ization of the franchise." Another point to consider is that this show likely won't happen with J.J. Abrams's involvement, since his production company Bad Robot already has a TV deal signed with Warner Bros. Still, with the growing popularity of Star Wars following Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it's certainly possible this series could happen, in some way shape or form.

As of now, the franchise's only presence on the small screen is Disney XD's Star Wars Rebels, which recently returned with its midseason premiere, kicking off the back half of its second season. The show has already been renewed for a third season, but it isn't clear how many seasons the network and LucasFilm have planned for the show. Are you disappointed that Star Wars Underground appears to be dead at this time? Chime in with your thoughts, and stay tuned for more updates.