It's well known that before George Lucas sold his LucasFilm empire to Disney, he was planning a Star Wars live-action TV series. Scripts had already been written for this ambitious project, but the show needed to find funding. Once the new movies were announced, we heard nothing else about this weekly visit to a galaxy far, far away. Though, Disney has hinted that a live-action TV series may still be in the cards. Now, a new rumor has popped up online, with Cinelinx and Making Star Wars both claiming the project is being considered once again. Though, the wait may be awhile.

Making Star Wars claims that Disney is currently in the midst of developing a new take on the Star Wars live-action TV series that is not utilizing the scripts that were already written before they bought the property. It's said that Disney wants to do the same for Star Wars as they did for Marvel with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Cinelinx went digging deeper into this rumor, and came back with some interesting information.

According to their sources, the current Star Wars: The Force Awakens trilogy and the upcoming spin-off Rogue One have put the TV show in the back seat, with film schedules and plans needing to be completely mapped out before a small screen endeavor can be accomplished. As of now, the purported series is in a holding pattern. The reason the scheduling is so important is because Disney and LucasFilm plans to reuse the same sets housed at Pinewood Studios, with shooting on the TV series to take place in-between the movies, when those sets become available. This will maintain a sense of visual continuity between the series and the movies, and it is also a cost-cutting measure. To make this work, they need to know how long they have between each new movie to be able to film episodes. Once that is figured out, Disney and LucasFilm can pull together a budget for the show.

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Without a budget or timeframe, Disney and LucasFilm aren't able to do much with the TV series at this point in time. This is why we won't see it for awhile, maybe not even until 2020 or later. Again, this is all rumor, but Cinelinx points out the fact that with reports of a TV series suddenly popping up, something has changed at Disney and LucasFilm in regards to a live-action show, and they are most certainly planning something.

At this time, no live-action TV series has been given the greenlit. But there are reportedly story groups and a development team who are working under the assumption that this is, in fact, happening. A main concept for the show is said to be coming together, and will most likely utilize one of the new book characters from the over 20 novels LucasFilm has planned between now and December. It's anyone's guess as to when Disney and LucasFilm might actually announce a new series. It could be as early as this year, or many years from now. Cinelinx expects to have a more substantial update and some concrete facts in the very near future. In the meantime, let us know what your ideal concept for a Star Wars live action TV show might be. Perhaps they'll listen.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange