Back in June, George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic VFX company announced that they are developing virtual reality games set in the Star Wars universe. That report revealed that the first games would be released in December, timed to the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but it was ultimately delayed, due to issues with the HTC Vive VR headset that was supposed to debut at that time. Thanks to VR Scout, today we have the a trailer for the first game in this series, entitled Star Wars: The Trials of Tatooine.

Forbes reports that the game was unveiled at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco this week. The game begins with the iconic Star Wars "crawl," which reveals that Luke Skywalker has sent Han Solo and R2-D2 to Tattooine, to deliver a package to his Jedi apprentice, you, the gamer in VR. The Millennium Falcon lands right next to you, and the site reports that the gamer can actually feel the ship landing and "kicking up air" thanks to fans circulating in the room.

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Harrison Ford didn't return to lend his voice to Han Solo, but the site reports that ILM found a suitable replacement, The Walking Dead star Ross Marquand, who has gained quite the following for his spot-on celebrity impressions. The gamer must then help Han and R2-D2 fix the Millennium Falcon by using the HTC Vive controller, which appears in the game as some sort of an old tool. After TIE Fighters attack and Stormtroopers advance on the ship, we learn that the package Luke sent you is a lightsaber, which you'll use to fend off these enemies.

The site reports that the entire VR experience is just five minutes long, but another report from Road to VR claims its closer to 10 minutes. It was also announced at the GDC that Electronic Arts, LucasFilm and DICE are working on a Sony Playstation exclusive VR version of the popular game Star Wars Battlefront that will be released this fall. This game will reportedly take the concepts introduced in Star Wars: The Trials of Tatooine and turn them into a full VR gameplay experience.

The HTC Vive is currently available for pre-order on its official site, which will cost $799. The VR units are expected to be available on April 5, but that launch date has not been confirmed yet. Would you be willing to pay $799 to experience the Star Wars universe through a virtual reality headset? Chime in with your thoughts after taking a look at the Star Wars: The Trials of Tatooine trailer.