Is your Wampa rug feeling lonely? If so, the Star Wars Wampa bean bag chair is here for pre-order. If the very idea of the chair isn't cool enough, you can also rip off its arm and use it as an additional pillow. The Empire Strikes Back-inspired bean bag chair retails for $149.99 and will be delivered on or before November 1st. It's not clear if this is a limited edition affair or not, but it looks like it will sell out fast. Lightsaber is not included.

Wampas are "powerful furred bipeds that dwell in the snowy wastes of the ice world Hoth," according to the official Star Wars website. We all saw the Wampa attack Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back while he was lost outside Echo Base, killing his tauntaun and dragging him away to its snowy domain. Luke was in bad shape, but was able to finally use the Force to retrieve his Lightsaber to set himself free and slice the arm off of the Wampa in the process.

Over the years, Star Wars fans have started to embrace some of the weirder merchandise, which is exactly where the Wampa bean bag chair, Wampa bearskin rug, and tauntaun sleeping bag ideas come from. But, there was a time when these pieces of merchandise weren't manufactured in an ironic way. The now legendary Jar Jar Binks tongue candy is one such example, which still baffles even the most seasoned Star Wars collector. The same can be said about the old school C-3PO tape dispenser. We have no idea why it was made, but it's weird as hell and now fetches up to $400.

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The R2-D2 aquarium is also pretty weird, but it was made later on in the franchise. The tauntaun action figure that has a removable stomach for Luke to fit inside is one of the weirdest things ever. The action figure is one of Mark Hamill's favorite of the weird Star Wars merchandise because of how crazy it is. It's pretty amazing that some of this stuff was made in the first place, but a lot of it is worth a lot of money these days. The Wampa bean bag chair could go on to become one of these excellent expensive pieces of merchandise in the future.

In addition to the Star Wars merchandise, fans have The Rise of Skywalker hitting theaters on December 20th to look forward to. And before that, the live-action series The Mandalorian premieres on the Disney+ streaming service. New movies and TV shows means more merchandise, which is already starting to hit the shelves now. With that being said, you can head over to GameStop to pre-order your Wampa bean bag chair. It might be a good idea to grab one as soon as possible in case they all sell out.

Kevin Burwick