Independence Day 2 screenwriters Nicolas Wright and James A. Woods are reteaming with director Roland Emmerich to write the screenplay for his Stargate reboot. MGM announced back in May that Roland Emmerich will direct a whole new Stargate movie trilogy, that "reimagines" the original 1994 movie that starred Kurt Russell and James Spader. 20th Century Fox recently gave the green light for Independence Day 2, based on Nicolas Wright and James A. Woods' recent draft of the script.

The original Stargate centered on the discovery of a device that created a wormhole, which allows scientists and military personnel to enter a distant world. They discovered an enslaved race of people who are direct descendants of ancient Egyptians. No details were given on the reboot, but Nicolas Wright and James A. Woods are writing the first in a proposed trilogy.

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Roland Emmerich will direct, with Dean Devlin, who co-wrote the original Stargate with the director, serving as a producer. Roland Emmerich also picked up a secretive action project from Nicolas Wright and James A. Woods for his Centropolis Entertainment company, which lead to their hiring on Stargate. No production schedule was given for the reboot.