You can see the beginning of a new Stargate adventure with the end of another. Fox Home Entertainment has announced that a one-minute teaser trailer for Stargate: Ark of Truth can be seen Friday during the Season 4 finale of Stargate: Atlantis.

The finale will air on the Sci-Fi Channel at 10 PM ET, and the Stargate: The Ark of Truth, which continues Stargate SG-1 storyline after it left the airwaves last year, will premiere on DVD on March 11.

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This thrilling feature-length film picks up where Stargate SG-1 left off, thrusting the Stargate team - Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks), Vala (Claudia Black), Teal'c (Christopher Judge), Sam (Amanda Tapping) and Cam (Ben Browder) - into their most exciting adventure yet. In search of an Ancient artifact they hope can defeat the oppressive Ori, the team learns that the Ori are set to launch a final assault on Earth and a double-crossing I.O. operative is aboard the Odyssey!

Special Features

- Commentary with Writer, Director and Producer Robert C. Cooper, Actor Christopher Judge and Director of Photography Peter Woeste

- The Road Taken: Prelude to The Ark of Truth, Stargate at Comic con, Uncovering The Ark of Truth