Screenwriter Gary Whitta, who is writing the first Star Wars Spin-Off directed by Gareth Edwards, has signed on to write the Mark Millar comic book adaptation Starlight.

The story centers on Duke McQueen, an intergalactic hero who saved the Earth several decades ago, although, upon his return home, no one believed his far-fetched tales. Several years later, when he has settled down as an adult, he is called upon once again for one final adventure.

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20th Century Fox beat out two other studios in a bidding war for the rights to this comic back in December. That report revealed Simon Kinberg was set to write the screenplay and produce, but now he is only set to produce, with Gary Whitta taking over the writing duties. The comic book debuted in March, kicking off the highly-anticipated MillarWorld Universe. The latest issue, Starlight #5, hit the shelves on August 13.

No production schedule was given for Starlight at this time, and it is unclear when Gary Whitta will start working on the script.

Gary Whitta's feature credits include The Book of Eli, Undying and After Earth.