According to Variety, in a rare sign of corporate synergy at the Japanese conglom, Sony Pictures is teaming with its sister vidgame division to launch Stealth onto the PSP.

The release of the unsuccessful action pic for the PSP, a handheld device that plays movies and games, will include a version of Sony Computer Entertainment's "Wipeout Pure" on the same universal media disc, as the PSP media format is called.

Stealth disc will include the film and three levels from "Wipeout," with planes from the pic inserted into the racing game.

It's the first time that a game and movie have been combined onto a single disc for PSP, which Sony has heavily touted as a convergence device.

When it's released in November, combo will cost $39.95, $10 more than most films new to the homevid window for PSP. Sony will also release a cheaper version of Stealth without the game.