It has now been twelve years since fans sat down to watch the ridiculous adventures of Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly in Step Brothers. While fans began calling for a sequel to the beloved comedy almost immediately, sadly Step Brothers 2 has never materialized, and now, Reilly has poured a bucket of cold water over the idea, explaining that it's the pressure of follow-ups that have held everything back.

"I don't know, I think like a lot of artists all three of us (Reilly, Ferrell, and director Adam McKay) kind of felt like 'Unless we were really sure that we could do a better version or improve on what it is, let's leave it alone. Sequels are hard to pull off. I can (name), I mean...Aliens maybe. Godfather II is also excellent...Then there's a list of failures as long as the day."
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John C. Reilly is certainly not wrong when he says that the majority of sequels often fail to live up to expectations, but surely if anyone can beat the trend it's the combined minds of Reilly, Ferrell and McKay.

The first Step Brothers introduces Ferrel and Reilly as Brennan and Dale respectively, two middle-aged, slobbish, unambitious men who still live with their parents, who are forced to live together when Brennan's mum marries Dale's dad. Step Brothers received mixed reviews upon its release, but has since become a staple of the genre, and remains one of Ferrell and Reilly's most treasured works. Despite his doubts about a sequel, Reilly has nothing but fond memories of making the movie.

"It's a beloved movie, I love it," he added. "So much of that movie has stories from my own childhood in it. Will and Adam and I all sat around together just basically trying to make each other laugh for weeks and weeks. A lot of (it), 'Don't touch my drum set,' getting beat up by a gang fight worth of kids, a lot of that stuff just came right out of my life so it felt very personal and it felt very handmade in a way to the fact that Will and Adam made it." So, should the right idea for Step Brothers 2 arise, it does sound like Reilly could be persuaded to return.

This is not the first time that Reilly has cast doubt over a sequel ever happening, saying back in August, "We've been talking about it pretty much since the first one came out. For most artists, sequels aren't the most attractive thing. Fans, of course, are different. If you like pizza, you want more pizza. I understand people really getting into the idea, but in terms of having something on the table, no, there isn't."

Of course, this has not stopped Ferrell from kicking ideas around, with the actor and comedian recently revealing that Step Brothers 2 would follow Brennan and Dale as they follow their parents to live in a retirement community and try to convince them that they too have earned the right to retire as well. Reilly can currently be seen in the sci-fi comedy Moonbase 8 on Showtime. This comes to us courtesy of Team Coco.