Our friends at Bloody Disgusting have announced that Stephan Smith Collins will be replacing long-time Cenobite Doug Bradley as Pinhead in Dimension Films' upcoming continuation of the horror franchise Hellraiser: Revelations.

Other recently added cast members include Devon Sorvari, Steven Brand, Sanny Van Heteren, Tracey Fairaway, and Daniel Buran.

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The movie is currently shooting in Los Angeles under the helm of Victor Garcia. Gary J. Tunnicliffe wrote the screenplay, which finds two friends unleashing Pinhead while on a sight-seeing trip through Mexico. When one of the friends decides to opt out of his pact with the notorious Cenobite, he must swap himself with one of his own family members.

Nick Eversman has been cast as Steve, the friend willing to turn one of his family members over to Pinhead. And Jay Gillespie has come aboard as his buddy, Nico, who is later transformed into Pseudo-Pinhead, a devoted Cenobite servant who mimics Pinhead's every move and revels in the pain that eventually leads to his pleasure.