Stephen King has finally been immortalized as a Funko Pop! figure. The author's characters in Pop! form can be found all over the world. But, this is the first time that King is getting his own figures, which is huge for horror fans. Pennywise from IT, the Losers' Club, Jack Torrance, Carrie, and more have all gotten the Funko honors over the years, but now we're going to be able to have King sit on our bookshelves to look over his work.

Funko has announced two Stephen King Pop! figures. The first of which features the author in all black, clutching a book. That one will be available everywhere Funko products are sold. The second figure is a Barnes & Noble-exclusive figure, which sees the King of horror showered in blood, just like Carietta "Carrie" White from his iconic novel. However, there's another twist to the Barnes and Noble exclusive. King also has a bloody ax, just like Jack Torrance in The Shining. Like most of what Funko does, these are a must-have for any fans of King's work.

Both of the Stephen King Funko Pop! figures are listed as coming soon and do not have an official street date, as of this writing. Halloween would have been the perfect time, but the holidays will work just as good, as long as they make it here in time. King is not the first author to receive the Funko Pop! figure honor. Game of Thrones writer George R.R. Martin also has his own, as does Edgar Alan Poe. All three of these famous authors could sit on your bookshelves at home.

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Stephen King has had quite the year. IT Chapter Two just recently hit theaters and was a box office success and Doctor Sleep just opened in theaters just over a week ago. Pet Semetary was released earlier this year and this isn't even counting the Castle Rock series. In addition, there are a lot more King adaptations on the way. The author has been pretty happy with the latest adaptations of his work and has talked about them openly. Usually, when King isn't a fan of something, he'll either let you know, or he won't talk about it at all.

Doctor Sleep hasn't been the box office success that everybody was hoping for, but it has been a critical hit and Stephen King fans have also given it the thumbs up. King even gave the movie a glowing review, which is all that really matters when it comes down to it. If King is happy with an adaptation, everybody else should be too. Taking books and throwing them on the big or small screen is not an easy task and the author knows that. Luckily, he has had some pretty passionate fans adapt his work lately. You can head over to Funko to check out the Stephen King Pop! figures.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick