Variety reports that Stephen King has inked a deal to turn his novella The Colorado Kid into an hourlong series for the indie studio E1 Entertainment. The studio currently produces Hung for HBO.

The show will be called Haven and it takes place in a "spooky town in Maine where cursed folk live normal lives in exile. When those curses start returning, FBI agent Audrey Parker is brought in to keep those supernatural forces at bay -- while trying to unravel the mysteries of Haven."

Scott Shepherd will serve as showrunner and executive produce with Lloyd Segan and Shawn Piller. These men were executive producers on The Dead Zone for the USA Network. The show was on the air for six seasons and went off the air in 2008.

Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn are writing the pilot. They also worked on The Dead Zone.

E1 has agreed to produce 13 episodes of Haven. Production of the show is slated to start in the next six months.

The Colorado Kid novella was published in 2005.