The legend of Stephen King will live on for generations to come, rather appropriately, in the home of Stephen King. The famed author and legendary master of horror has decided to turn his mansion located in Bangor, Maine into a museum, as well as a writer's retreat. The decision was made by King and his wife Tabitha and the City of Bangor has approved the decision to rezone the house for this purpose.

According to several reports, the Bangor City Council unanimously approved to rezone the large mansion located at 47 West Broadway as a non-profit. Per the reports, once the transformation is completed, the former King residence will house an archive of the author's work. The site will also offer restricted visits on an appointment-only basis. Additionally, up to five writers at a time will be permitted to work on the premises. Bangor City Councilor Ben Sprague had this to say about it.

"The King Family has been wonderful to the City of Bangor over time and have donated literally millions of dollars to various causes in the community. Preserving his legacy here in Bangor is important for this community."

Stephen King's legacy goes far beyond that of an author. King is one of the most prolific writers ever, with more than 90 novels to his name. King's works, which include IT, The Stand, Pet Sematary and The Shawshank Redemption, just to name a small number of them, have gone on to inspire dozens of movie and TV adaptations over the years as well. David Gould, a Bangor planning officer, had this to say about it.

"They did not want the house to become a Dollywood or some kind of tourist attraction. That would bring all sorts of people to the neighborhood, and they have other neighbors that live there."

It's noted that Stephen King and his family are often on the road or staying elsewhere these days, so the timing is perfect to begin the process of turning the Maine mansion into a preservation of King's legacy. Aside from the fact that King called the mansion home, this is also fitting as the town of Bangor went on to inspire the fictional town of Derry, Maine, which is a fixture in the author's universe. Most notably, Derry was the centerpiece of IT which, in addition to being one of his most beloved novels, has since been turned into a two-part movie blockbuster, which brought in more than $1 billion at the global box office.

There is no word on how precisely writers will be selected for the opportunity to work there. Nor is it clear how visitation appointments will be granted. The site is already a famous tourist destination, with fans often taking pictures in front of the house. Hopefully, fans will have a way to enjoy the museum down the road as well. This news was previously reported by Rolling Stone.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott