Warner Bros. and CBS Films are in talks with Showtime for an 8-part miniseries based on Stephen King's The Stand, which will then lead into the feature film adaptation. Josh Boone, who has been attached to write and direct The Stand since last February, is set to write and direct the miniseries, with the miniseries and the feature film expected to shoot next year as one cohesive project. No cast members are confirmed yet, but we reported back in November that Matthew McConaughey is rumored to play Randall Flagg, the primary villain.

Director Josh Boone revealed in November that he was originally planning on making a three-hour adaptation that condensed Stephen King's massive 1152-page novel, but then Warner Bros. asked him to expand his script into four movies. It seems that Warner Bros. is now ditching the multiple-movie approach in favor of an extensive The Stand mini-series that will pave the way for a feature adaptation. The novel was previously adapted into a four-part 1994 miniseries.

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Both Warner Bros. and CBS Films share the rights to The Stand, with Warner Bros. providing theatrical distribution. Warner Bros. does have a deal with HBO, since they both share the same parent company, but since Warner Bros. is providing theatrical distribution, CBS Films will handle the TV side through their deal with Showtime, although the deal is not finalized yet. The original novel is set in the aftermath of a deadly virus that wiped out most of the American population, following a group who fight for survival against the nefarious warlord Randall Flagg.

Stephen King is expected to be involved in the sprawling project in some capacity, alongside producers Roy Lee and Jimmy Miller. The producers and the filmmaking team are setting up meetings next week to finalize this multi-platform approach to the adaptation, as director Josh Boone is eyeing several A-list stars, many of whom have warmed up to doing limited TV shows after the success of HBO's True Detective. What do you think about these new developments regarding The Stand?