After the success of his tearjerker The Fault in Our Stars, filmmaker Josh Boone is now turning his attention to the long-awaited Stephen King adaptation The Stand. The filmmaker raised a few eyebrows earlier this summer when he revealed plans for a three-hour R-rated movie. Many fans think this 1152-page novel is far too big to be contained in just one single film, and as it turns out, the adaptation may be much bigger.

MTV recently sat down with Stephen King, who revealed that fans shouldn't count on The Stand spanning just one movie.

"I think that his take is terrific - and don't count on it being one film. There's talk about doing it in an entirely different and innovative way, and I don't want to go into it because that's Josh's baby."

Stephen King wouldn't confirm how many movies this adaptation may be split into. The story follows multiple characters in an epic battle between good and evil that breaks out between the survivors of an apocalyptic virus that has wiped out most of the American population. The novel was previously adapted into the 1994 four-hour mini-series The Stand.

The author also spoke about his experiences working with Josh Boone on his directorial debut, Stuck in Love.

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"Let me just say that I worked with Josh on a film that was called The Writer and became Stuck in Love. He wanted me to do an on-screen bit, which I couldn't do, so I did it as a phone call at a recording studio in Bradenton. Josh flew all the way out from California to direct that sequence, which was great. He made The Fault in Our Stars, which is Class A filmmaking as far as I'm concerned. He's hugely ambitious and hugely energetic, so we'll see what happens."

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