The Fault in Our Stars actor Nat Wolff has signed on to reunite with that adaptation's director Josh Boone for Stephen King's The Stand.

The Stand, which was first published in 1978, is set in the aftermath of a deadly virus that wipes out most of the American population. The plot follows a group of survivors, who must stand up to the evil tyrant Randall Flagg in an epic battle between good and evil.

Josh Boone, who signed on to write and direct this adaptation in February, wrote a part in the screenplay specifically for Nat Wolff, although it isn't known if it is a character from Stephen King's seminal novel or a brand new role created for the movie. In the book, there are several characters the 19-year-old actor could be playing, including 16-year-old social outcast Harold Lauder, young singer Larry Underwood, the 22-year-old deaf-mute Nick Andros and the Louisiana thug known as "The Kid."

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This project will mark Nat Wolff's third collaboration with director Josh Boone, following Stuck in Love and The Fault in Our Stars, which hits theaters June 6. The director recently told The Hollywood Reporter that the young actor will be in every movie he makes.

"He's a wonderful improviser, he's my secret weapon, my lucky rabbit's foot. Two or three of the biggest laughs in my first movie, he improvised. He's gonna be in every movie I make."

Nat Wolff also had high praise for the filmmaker, recounting his first meeting with him.

"We just immediately bonded; it was just love at first sight. We started arguing about movies we disagreed on, and we have a shorthand together now. I don't like somebody who just talks my ear off anyway, so I like that we have that relationship."

Roy Lee and Jimmy Miller are producing The Stand, which has had several filmmakers attached in various stages of development, including Ben Affleck, David Yates and, most recently, Scott Cooper, who left the project in November. No production schedule was given.

Nat Wolff will next be seen in Palo Alto, arriving in theaters May 9, and he also recently signed on to star in Paper Towns, which director Josh Boone is also adapting from the book by The Fault in Our Stars author John Green.