Stephen Poliakoff is set to write and direct two films for HBO Films and the BBC, one starring Michael Gambon, the other starring Maggie Smith.

Both films are set in the same dark and moody house, and are linked by Joe (newcomer Danny Lee Wynter), a young man from whose perspective the stories are told. They both also star Rupert Penry Jones, Kelly Reilly and Rebecca Hall.

The first movie, which is yet to be titled, explores the relationship between Elliot (Gambon), a strange and wealthy Londoner, and Joe, the teenage son of a cleaner who takes care of a grand, empty house Elliot owns.

The Hollywood Reporter notes the second film, Capturing Mary, takes Joe and an older woman (Smith) into a dark and terrifying exploration of the woman's past, following her as a young girl (Ruth Wilson) as she encounters a charming, mysterious stranger (David Walliams) who affects her life forever.

The films, which are currently shooting in London, will shoot back-to-back through January.