Entertainment Weekly recently sat down with G.I. Joe director Stephen Sommers to dispel some rumors about the film. Mainly the director wanted to talk about Sienna Miller and how he didn't want her breasts to be enhanced for her role as The Baroness.

Miller was quoted as saying she wears "a tight black leather outfit. And much bigger boobs.... They gave me these things that looked like chicken fillets. The director said, 'I'm gonna be honest, I like girls with big boobs,' and I don't have them so we made them bigger.... At least he's honest. But I was mildly offended."

Sommers says that this is untrue. "Everybody here laughed because they know I would NEVER say that to an actress ... I guess the costume department gave her a tight fitting bra, but no one gave her rubber breasts or whatever. It is 100 percent Sienna Miller."

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Sommers also says that Brendan Fraser will be making a cameo in the movie. The Mummy director sees this a nod to the old James Bond movies as Fraser has starred in all three films. "I always loved the old Bonds," he states. "It's funny now how Bond wants to be Bourne. I loved Quantum of Solace, but it was like, man, this is a completely different movie to the Bonds I grew up with. In a very contemporary way, G.I. Joe is inspired by the memory of the kind of movies I saw when I was younger. I remember being in the theater for Thunderball and the big underwater battle at the end of that movie just blew my socks off. In G.I. Joe, there's an underwater battle under the polar icecap that's Thunderball times 10!"

In addition to this Toy News International recently posted the cover for the G.I. Joe Movie Prequel #2. View it below...

G.I. Joe Movie Prequel
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