Check out my acting debut with Graduation Day! It's as fun to watch as it was to make (but a lot less painful and time consuming). The best "movie about a kid racing against time to turn in his econ final before he misses graduation" I've ever seen! And such an amazing ending! After half a dozen attempts at filming this based-on-a-true-story, John Gehrke (Dorchester Films) finally completed his tale of a High School student risking his life, and graduation in an attempt to turn in his economics final before its too late. Watch it obsessively! Then see what we were thinking with Graduation Day: The commentary! And be sure to check out The Lactose 500, my first Lights Out sponsored film. While it doesn’t really show my directing style (like the upcoming Takeback), you get to see people exploding in slow motion! Fun for the entire family! Watch it now!

Movie Picture Michael Bay fans! A special THREE disc super DVD for {5} is hitting shelves January 15th! Thought {6} was too low on the gore?! Worry not! Bay’s putting out his true vision…his RATED R vision, quoting in USA today “You'll see that a 50mm round can cut a body in half.

For those over sensitized Mormon kids who don’t want the hardcore, racist and booty-laden version (both of you), the original PG-13 cut will be out December 4th, just in time for X-mas.

Movie PictureSpeaking of new DVD’s….In the rush to pump out summer movies for the retail nightmare known as Christmas, studios are in high gear to ship out new releases by late October/November. As is the case with {7}. With a release date of October 23rd, this loaded DVD set with have everything from 4 commentary tracks to (just in time for Halloween!) and a Thriller music video remake using the cast of FF replacing the crazy zombies. Same thing with Moulin Rouge (minus the whole zombie thing): Director Baz Lurman is desperately trying to put out the loaded DVD by December, as he is still re-cutting scenes to his liking for extra features.

Rush Hour 2 is going crazy at the box office, and while it may not be a Silence of the Lambs or Hannibal type piece of cinema, the style of director Brett Ratner will be added to the cannibal legacy. Originally rumored to be given to Pearl Harbor director Michael Bay, an Entertainment Weekly interview reports that the task to direct the remake of the first installment of Silence of the Lambs (AKA Manhunter) has been given to Money Talks helmer Ratner. To top things off, ‘Lambs director Jon Demme approved the decision.

iFILM doesn’t have the best track record. First they were great for being a helpful outlet for independent films. Then they started charging people to show their films. Soon enough, they started stealing our movies without credit. (Ehhh...hmmm...Tom & Drew) Now, they’ve hit rock bottom with the lowest of the low: creating a fan made trailer section. No, not original trailers with original content, like, say, Planet of the Pugs. I’m talking about bad editing jobs on existing films and movie trailers, switching the music around and desperately trying to convince strangers that their trailer is either authentic or worthy of endless praise and admiration. Sure, the first one or two fan made trailers were convincing, but as time went on, quality and originally died, like a bad guy in Ah-Nuhld’s Commando. But wait, isn’t all this expressing one’s thought creatively? Taking someone elses work and changing it around? Oh wait. That’s Plagiarism. Take a look at what I’m talking about with these shenanigans here.

Of course, this ranting is a rarity for the news updates. I usually try and save the critiquing for javascript:void(0|Mushy

Action Right Now. ~Steve