Gearing up for his impending exit from the hit NBC sitcom The Office, comedic actor Steve Carell is wasting no time in finding other projects. According to Variety, Steve Carell has signed onto star in and produce the upcoming romantic comedy A Boyfriend for My Wife, a remake of the popular 2008 Argentine film Un Novio Para Mi Mujer.

Steve Carell will make the film through his own Carousel Productions, which will be distributed by Warner Bros. Writers Mark Gibson and Philip Halprin are adapting the original screenplay for American audiences.

The storyline revolves around a shy, dissatisfied husband (Steve Carell) who is too afraid to ask for a divorce, so instead, he sets out to find his wife a new lover. He eventually enlists the help of a legendary yet unlikely lothario, and things don't necessarily go according to the plan.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange