RKO is stepping up to the plate for Love on a Bet, a remake of a 1936 road comedy that will be directed by Steve Carr, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

RKO's Ted Hartley is producing along with Carr and Jason Taragan via their Rumpus Entertainment banner. Aaron Ray is producing as well.

The original Love on a Bet was a Depression-era comedy -- directed by Leigh Jason and starring Gene Raymond and Wendy Barrie -- that followed a man who, in order to raise money for a play, makes a bet with a rich uncle that he can begin a journey in New York's Central Park with nothing but his underwear and end up in California with a suit, $100 and a fiancee.

"The original took place in the days where it was racy to be in underwear," Hartley said. "This movie is going to start out with the guy wearing a lot less than his underwear. It's going to be edgy and romantic."

Dave Punch is writing the script, which will play up the romance and the cross-country nature of the story.

RKO hopes to move fast on Love on a Bet, eyeing a shoot for next year. "It's like doing a souffle," Hartley said about the development process. "You don't serve it before it's ready, but you don't let it bake too long."