Soon after Steve Fossett’s personal belongings were discovered in the California Mountains, The Discovery Channel announced that they would produce a documentary special on the missing billionaire explorer. According to Variety, a day hiker named Preston Morrow had come across a number of items that belonged to Fossett, and he convinced some of the nearby Mammoth Lake townsfolk to go searching for the billionaire.

Steve Searles, star of LMNO Productions The Bear Whisperer, which airs on the Discovery Channel, and an LMNO cameraman were invited to tag along as Morrow and the others went looking for Fossett. Before the crew set out, LMNO’s Eric Schotz made a quick call to the Discovery Channel and in moments had secured a deal to document the find for a new special entitled Steve Fossett: What Went Wrong.

Discovery’s John Ford stated, "He called me fairly quickly and said, ‘I’ve got something here. He told me what had happened and we said, ‘Good, let’s go with the footage and we’ll make a show.’ We haven’t even figured out what that show is yet, but Eric’s great in uncovering the story behind the story and telling it well."

Steve Fossett: What Went Wrong will be fast-tracked and could air as soon as seven to eight weeks from now.