Just days after the untimely October 5th death of Apple founder and Chairman Steve Jobs, Sony Pictures acquired the rights to his self-titled, authorized biography Steve Jobs, from author Walter Isaacson. Today, it has been revealed that Sony is actively seeking Aaron Sorkin to write the screenplay for this upcoming adaptation.

Sony thinks that Aaron Sorkin would be a good fit for the material, as he successfully adapted their The Social Network, about another digital age pioneer, into a hit film, both critically praised and worthy of an Oscar. At this time, Aaron Sorkin, who just found recent acclaimed with his adapted screenplay for Moneyball, is said to be mulling over the idea of turning Steve Jobs' biography into a feature film. But he has not committed to the project yet.

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Some believe that Aaron Sorkin may actually pass on the job for a few reasons. One: It adheres a little too closely to the story of Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network, and he may not want to travel that road again. Two: He personally knew Steve Jobs, and it may be too soon for a biopic on someone that so recently passed away.

It is also a noted fact that Steve Jobs once asked Aaron Sorkin to write a Pixar film, to which the scribe replied, "I can't make inanimate objects talk." In actuality, he was afraid of disappointing his daughter with the first bad Pixar movie. Steve Jobs certainly isn't an inanimate object, and the odds are good that Aaron Sorkin will tackle this script in honor of his late friend.

While Sony has Aaron Sorkin at the top of their most wanted list for the Steve Jobs biopic, they are also currently seeking out other high profile screenplay writers in case he does say no.