As soon as Leonardo DiCaprio stepped away from the Steve Jobs biopic two weeks ago, Christian Bale was quickly mentioned as one of the front runners for the coveted role. Today it has been announced that he has entered talks to play the Apple CEO and entrepreneur.

Negotiations began shortly after Christian Bale's talks with Fox for The Deep Blue Goodbye hit a roadblock. Sony has reportedly reentered talks with Christian Bale for Steve Jobs, after he was first considered for the role back when David Fincher was meeting with the studio to direct the drama.

Christian Bale had a problem signing on for The Deep Blue Goodbye because Fox wanted the actor for sequels. Christian Bale is planning to tackle the lead role of Detective Travis McGee in what the studio hopes will be a franchise starter, but he balked at the idea of agreeing to a follow-up. Talks are ongoing between Bale and Fox, only now without the sequel option. Even if a deal is reached, Christian Bale would shoot Steve Jobs before The Deep Blue Goodbye.

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Danny Boyle will direct Steve Jobs from an Aaron Sorkin screenplay, based on the best seller of the same name that was published around the time of Jobs' death in 2011.

David Fincher came incredibly close to signing on, which would have reunited him with The Social Network scribe Sorkin, but he stepped away form the project citing compensation and control issues.

Other actors mentioned at the time of Leonardo DiCaprio's exit included Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Bradley Cooper. Ashton Kutcher previously played Steve Jobs in last year's Jobs, which looked at the man's entire life. This new biopic will center around three key speeches Jobs gave before unveiling three ground breaking products.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange