The upcoming Steve Jobs biopic set to be directed by Danny Boyle with a script from Aaron Sorkin has finally caught a break after a number of casting and studio set backs. /steve-jobs-biopic-dropped-sony-pictures-universal/Dropped by Sony last week, the movie has now been picked up by rival studio Universal Pictures with Michael Fassbender confirmed to star as the Apple co-founder.

At the time Sony put the film into turnaround, Universal was hungry to adopt the project. A deal has finally been reached, reportedly at the cost of $30 million. /steve-jobs-movie-biopic-cast-michael-fassbender/Rumored to be circling the project since early November, Michael Fassbender has signed on after the well-publicized loss of both Leonardo DiCaprio in October and Christian Bale this past month. Neither actor was officially signed for the role, though they both were in advanced talks before their deals started to fall apart.

Steve Jobs has been in development at Sony for the past two years, with Aaron Sorkin basing his screenplay on the well-recieved biography by Walter Isaacson, which was released in 2011 around the time of Steve Jobs death.

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Seth Rogen was originally in talks to play Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, but has not yet signed. There is no mention of the actor in this most recent report, and its possible that he is no longer associated with the biopic. Aaron Sorkin has stated that the film will include Apple's original head of Mac marketing Joanna Hoffman and Steve Jobs' daughter Lisa, both set to play major roles in the story. Jessica Chastain is reportedly interested in one of the two roles, but has not yet been confirmed by the studio.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange