Disney and Warner Bros. are currently sorting out the rights to their Father of the Bride franchise, with Steve Martin reportedly set to reprise his title role as George Banks in the gay themed Father of the Bride 3.

It's been more than twenty years since the first Father of the Bride remake, which debuted in 1991 and followed Steve Martin's George Banks as he struggled with the emotional and financial burden of his daughter Annie's (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) wedding. Now, he will be faced with the same predicament, only he is forced to throw his gay son Matty a similar wedding. It is not known if Kieran Culkin will reprise his role as Matty, but unlike a lot of child stars of the 90s, Kieran is still actively working and seems like the natural choice.

Nancy Meyers was offered the directing gig, but she passed. Charles Shyer, who directed the original reboot and the 1995 follow-up Father of the Bride Part 2 will return for this third installment. He is also writing the screenplay, which finds Matty engaged to the son of a Navy SEAL. George is rumored to be both "thunderstruck and speechless" at the idea of his son being gay and married. Though Diane Keaton is not yet set to reprise her role as George's wife Nina, the character plays a key role in turning around George's thoughts on gay marriage after she has him kicked out of the house. Marc Klein is co-writing the screenplay, with an idea that Disney apparently loves.

What do you think about Father of the Bride 3? Is the idea too outdated to be funny? Or is gay marriage still an important topic that needs to be the subject of a family comedy? Or did Modern Family already do this perfectly? Let us know what you think...