This news has been floating around the web for a while. But it has just been confirmed that Steve Norrington is in fact directing the upcoming remake of the Ray Harryhausen film Clash of the Titans. According to Variety, the project is being produced by Warner Brothers and Legendary Films.

In the original, Harry Hamlin starred as Perseus, a mortal who, due to the interference of the mighty God Zeus (Laurence Olivier), found himself in the city of Joppa, far away from his island home. There, he falls in love with Andromeda (Judi Bowker), an imprisoned princess. To free her, win her hand, and thus half of the kingdom, Perseus solves a riddle, but Joppa's enraged ruler orders Andromeda to be fed to the Kraken, a towering sea monster that's the last of the powerful Titans.

Production is set to start next year.