Hello everybody. Sorry I haven't been updating the news lately, but other parts of the site needed some attention. They were getting sad. But hey! That's why we have good old javascript:void(0|Steve Reedy on hand to fill in for my lack of movie news. Wait...wait...wait...you don't know who javascript:void(0|Steve Reedy is? Well, he's been classified for awhile, but for a limited time this LOE Special Forces Member will have his information available for viewing...to view this TOP SECRET document, javascript:void(0|click here.

Movie PictureA wonderful game is coming to your Playstation 2. It's called {3} and it's being brought to you by the creators of Resident Evil. What could be better? Well, since the game won't be here for another few months check out the official {4} trailer from Capcom! I think you'll be pleasantly suprised...even if you're not a video game geek like the {5}.Ok. So, by now everyone has heard about the version of Star Wars Episode I that has been reedited to get rid of those vomit inducing Jar Jar Binks scenes. And you've also probably heard about or seen the {6} fan made trailer. Well, now everyone is trying to ride George's coattails. A new Episode II fan trailer has surfaced and boy is it ever bad. The trailer consists of raw footage seen in the latest {7}. The director takes these scenes and edits together his own little {8} which in turn, reassures me that, though I love Star Wars, at least I'm not a complete geek. Maybe this guy can make some mullet T-shirts next... I hear that's gonna be making a big comeback pretty soon. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. {9}.

In Lights Out news we have 11 new trailers for you to feast your eyes on in the Hollywood Trailers section!

Death's End...oh Death's End. Yes, it's taking a long time but when you're a 1 man post production company things tend to take a while. I will say that we are getting close and you should be seeing this sucker within the next few weeks. We will also be shooting episode 2 of the series towards the end of the month so if you would like to be a rotting corpse in our biggest production to date let us know! We would love to have you! And after getting 5 sign-ups from GIRLS this week the world of Death's End is going to get A LOT more interesting!

On another quick note, UGO has decided to disintegrate Bla-Bla...so say good bye. We are now officially joining the company of such wonderful sites as Bad Candy, Seanbaby, Old Man Murray, Portal Of Evil, Filmthreat, etc. We will now just be affiliated with UGO and no other. Let's hope they treat us right.

Suggestions? Comments? Hate mail? Death threats? Fetishes? Let us know! We're getting restless over here...~Brian