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In other DVD news...John Favereau's, Made also hit your local DVD store today! now, I don't know about you guys and gals, but with a summer full of lackluster movies, Made was one movie that really made me laugh. Vince Vaughn is brilliant, and the great part is, that's supposedly the way he is in real life!

DVDs on the horizon...

  • next week: Pearl Harbor! Check out what Steve reported a while back on this 2 disc extravaganza! Also, coming soon, Jurassic Park III & Rush Hour 2.
  • The E.T. Special Edition DVD that will be hitting shelves after the re-release in theaters, will contain both the re-release cut of the movie as well as the original theatrical version!
  • Evil Dead: Book of the Dead Edition will include a second disc containing the film's score! Also included in the package is a 13 page booklet containing the artwork of Tom Sullivan!
  • TheBack To The Future box set is slated to come to DVD this summer! Get your hover board powered's gonna be fun....this summer...which is still pretty far away.

In other movie news...

Here's 33 in movie pictures of Lord Of The Rings:The Fellowship Of The Ring! Click This.

A nice little rumor filtered through Ain't It Cool today about the possibility of a Nightmare On Elm Street prequel! The source revealed that Heather Langenkamp and Wes Craven have been in talks with producers about a "new Elm Street". Like Ain't It Cool says, hopefully Robert Englund will play Freddy as the serious gloved maniac that he portrayed in the first Elm Street, compared to the one liner slinging goofball Freddy eventually degraded to.

Stay tuned...what's that? Death's End: II? Oh, just you wait... ~Brian