Steven Levitan and Chris Lloyd are scripting an untitled family comedy pilot for ABC. According to Variety, the show will be a single-camera sitcom told through the eyes of a Dutch filmmaker.

The main arc of the series will revolve around the lives of three separate families. The three families consist of a traditional couple with three kids, an older man married to a much younger wife with an adopted son, and a gay couple that have just adopted an Asian infant. All three families live in the same cul-de-sac. ABC is hoping that they can shoot the pilot soon, with casting currently underway.

About the project, Lloyd stated, "We wanted to give the documentary style a little twist and look at the idea of an American family from the outsider's point of view. We'd come in and tell these weird stories about our kids and realized we wanted to tap into that. But we didn't want to feel like a soft, cutesy family show. This will be presented in a way that will be very relatable to people of all ages."

Shooting on the pilot does not have a set start date at this time.