According to, Louis Mellis and David Scinto, writers of acclaimed English dark comedy Sexy Beast, have been hired by Steven Soderbergh & George Clooney to adapt Max Barry's sci-fi darkly comic novel "Jennifer Government".

The story is set in a horrifying, satirical near future where American corporations literally rule the world. Everyone takes his employer's name as his last name; once-autonomous nations as far-flung as Australia belong to the USA; and the National Rifle Association is not just a worldwide corporation, it's a hot, publicly traded stock.

Hack Nike, a hapless employee seeking advancement, signs a multipage contract and then reads it. He discovers he's agreed to assassinate kids purchasing Nike's new line of athletic shoes, a stealth marketing maneuver designed to increase sales. And the dreaded government agent Jennifer Government is after him.

No casting or production information is available at this time.