Steven Spielberg has committed himself to direct the sci-fi robot project Robopocalypse as his next movie, according to Deadline.

It was first hinted that Steven Spielberg could direct the movie back in March, although he chose to direct the adaptation of Michael Morpurgo's novel War Horse instead. The Daniel H. Wilson novel that Robopocalypse is based on wasn't finished at that time, but now the novel is done, due to be published in June 2011, with Drew Goddard finishing the screenplay adaptation while the novel was still being completed. Not much is known about the story of Daniel H. Wilson's novel, except that it centers on the human race trying to survive a robot uprising.

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The movie is still a ways off though. Steven Spielberg won't start shooting until January 2012, with a release date set for 2013. Disney's Touchstone Pictures will distribute the thriller.