During a Q & A session at the University of Southern California film school, director Steven Spielberg updated the crowd on what is going on with his latest projects.

- He is working with writers on the script to Jurassic Park IV and says that there is going to be a big dinosaur sequence where a pack of motorcycles are forced to out run a bunch of Raptors. Spielberg said that just with the other films in the series, he‘s going to “cherry pick” certain scenes he loved from the books and include them in the new film.

- Not much was said about Indiana Jones 4 except that Lucas and Nathanson are locked away writing the script, and that Harrison Ford will be returning. He did casually mention that Lucas wants to simultaneously release Indy IV in 3-D.

- Spielberg said that he would like to one day remake one of his earliest films Sugarland Express.

- Finally, Spielberg said that has not and does not plan to develop a total film emersion technology (he was just as surprised as everyone else that that was a rumor), and said that he believes a barrier must exist between the film audience and the film itself. He also mentioned that he saw tests that were done to convert Casablanca, Top Gun, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Laurel and Hardy into 3-D and said that the industry is going to have to be very careful about what they move to make 3-D; because classic films like Casablanca looked horrible!