The streaming platform is a way of life and it's not going anywhere anytime soon, but it has fundamentally changed the way that viewers consume content and the way that filmmakers approach their craft. Netflix and other streaming platforms have gotten into making feature-length movies that have limited theatrical runs to qualify for awards season, but not everybody believes that these movies should be able to compete with the traditional way of doing things. One such person is iconic director Steven Spielberg.

Steven Spielberg is out promoting is latest movie, Ready Player One, which hits theaters next week. In a recent interview, the director commented on the Netflix and Amazon platforms releasing movies to compete during awards season and believes that streaming movies should be eligible for Emmys instead of Oscars. While stating that television is "greater now than it's ever been in the history of television," Spielberg declared that "once you commit to a television format, you're a TV movie." The director also spoke out against streaming movies that get a limited theatrical release to compete for awards season, calling them "token qualifications."

The iconic director noted that streaming movies don't have to go through some of the struggle that it takes to put together a blockbuster movie to put out in theaters. Many artists believe that there needs to be some type of struggle or obstacle to overcome to make great art, which isn't the case for everybody. Steven Spielberg is responsible for some of the most legendary movies to ever grace the big screen in the history of film, and he knows what it's like to struggle to see your vision through to the finish line.

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Steven Spielberg's way of looking at the streaming platforms comes from an old school view, but it's a view that the director has earned. The 1975 production of Jaws was no picnic and neither was Jurassic Park. The director sees studios today that are just looking for the commercial success instead of letting a production develop and struggle to make it to the end. The guaranteed success is a way of the entertainment industry as a whole and is not just limited to Hollywood movies. Additionally, Steven Spielberg believes that movies should be made to see on the big screen, to fully immerse viewers in a world that filmmakers create.

There are many people who will argue with Steven Spielberg's point of view, but it's hard to argue with his track record. Going to the movies should be an experience and Spielberg is still trying to convey that in a world where people view his movies on a 5" phone screen. The Netflix and other streaming platform feature-length movie is still in its infancy and only time will tell where these new movies will fit in the grand scheme of things. Maybe the Academy Awards will have to add a new award category for streaming or original programming. You can check out the rest of what Steven Spielberg had to say about streaming platform movies below, thanks to the ITV News YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick