1972 Munich Olympics: According to Variety, Steven Spielberg has set Angels in America playwright Tony Kushner to redraft helmer's untitled drama about the aftermath of the 1972 Munich Olympics, where members of the Israeli team were held hostage and slain by Palestinian extremists.

Spielberg has also pushed back his projected start date from late this summer to June 2005.

Eric Bana remains the star of the film, a co-production between Universal and DreamWorks.

Since first announced, Spielberg's untitled project has been a lightning rod. Gossip and published reports have centered on whether the volatile subject matter -- the film reportedly deals with the Mossad's retribution against the kidnappers -- have created such security concerns that Spielberg would shelve the film.

The true concern, it appears, has been getting a script that satisfies the director. Forrest Gump scribe Eric Roth turned in the original draft, with some rewriting done by Charles Randolph. They scribbled under a tight deadline because Spielberg originally wanted to shoot in late spring and release the film later this year.

That goal became impossible when Spielberg re-edited and honed the ending for The Terminal. That pushed the Munich project's start date beyond hope of a late 2004 release.