A miniseries about AIDS in Africa, a movie franchise built around the Gallic comic character Tintin and a still-gestating saga about the War in the Pacific are all on Steven Spielberg's to do list, according to Variety.

The director told a lunch crowd of 400 international TV executives in New York City that he is able to juggle a number of different projects in different media. In particular, the miniseries form is his preferred small-screen vehicle.

While he didn't provide much detail about any single project, Spielberg did suggest that the 10- or 11-hour mini-series War in the Pacific would be what Band of Brothers was to Saving Private Ryan. He also said the title would likely change for the international market.

As for Tintin, Spielberg recalled that he had first acquired the rights to that character back in 1983 and later re-established the option to do something with the French comic character.

He mentioned the miniseries about AIDS in response to a question from an African attendee who wanted to know if the director had any plans to focus his attention on that continent. Spielberg said he thought it was "important" to do something about the scourge that is AIDS. But he also said that he never specifically tailored his storytelling for the international market but rather represented his own culture and belief systems as best he could.

More immediately, Spielberg said he is well along with reality producer Mark Burnett on a "Boot Camp"-like show called On the Lot, which would hopefully upturn new film directing talent. The series will air on Fox, he said, in the same primetime slot as American Idol, beginning the week after that show ends next spring.