Movie PictureHey, as the previous update announced, I'm {0} aspiring filmmaker kid who realized {1} was working himself into an aneurysm and volunteered to help. A little while back, I sent Lights Out the majority of my short films, and if I'm correct, {2} favorite...{3}...will premiere shortly. While it doesn't particularly show any of my style or weird ideas, it's definitely pretty gross. Now onto the coolness...Following in the footsteps of {4}, the third installment of James Cameron's lovechild, {5} will not be directed by the creator of the original two, but by {6} director Jonathan Mostow. To make things even more interesting, Entertainment Weekly reports Vin Diesel (The monkey-looking guy from {7}) will play the part of Arnold's new villain which was originally scripted for a girl. Can anything live up to {8}? Is James Cameron too busy making plans for {9} to finish this trilogy? Does this mean we'll see {10} dressed as a chick? Time will tell...

In one of the most original marketing ideas I've ever seen, the upcoming indie flick Sexy Beast has allowed IFILM to stream the first 8 minutes of the film. I guess you could call it the lazy way to do a movie trailer. Either way, the movie looks interesting to say the least, as its title contains the word "sexy" and thus far only shows us a fat guy in a yellow Speedo sitting in a pool chair.

Working at a video store can have it's definite ups and downs, ranging from retarded customers who think the wide-screen format is a defect on their TV, to the people who, well, aren't retarded. Yet, if one thing were to stand out the most out of every aspect of my job, it'd have to be the constant bitching that is:"When's The Godfather coming to DVD???!"

Well, I can finally find relief as Paramount Home Entertainment recently announced The Godfather 5 disc DVD super-set! Each movie will have it's own disc (Part II will have two discs) and a 5th disc will be dedicated entirely to 3 and a half hours of extras, interviews and "stuff ". After its release on 10/9/01 (following The Mummy Returns DVD, being released one week earlier) all I'll have to deal with is the incessant demand for Battlefield Earth: Criterion Edition.

Wanna grab one-a these guys early? Beat the mob (get it? mob? hahaha..oh boy) from the always cool, totally legit! Inside Hollywood connections always do you good..

And that concludes my first update. Keep on Truckin... ~Steve