It looks like Stigmata 2 is going forward, and here are some new details on the film. Bloody-Disgusting has revealed both the screenwriter and synopsis from the film. The writer is sequel specialist Sean Hood (Cube 2: Hypercube, Halloween: Resurrection, The Crow: Wicked Prayer), who emailed the site directly with the news.

"I handed in the first draft the day before the strike started," Hood told the site.

They also have found a synopsis for this sequel, which will be going direct-to-DVD.

"As a priest investigates the stigmatic wounds of a young man found dead in a hotel room, he discovers that the boy's frightening supernatural gifts have put both the priest himself and the boy's rebellious sister at the center of a conspiracy within the catholic church. The movie investigates mysterious (and scary) religious phenomenon beyond just possession and the stigmata."

No production schedule has been announced, but the site said they expected an official director announcement in the near future.