Production has stopped on Stopping Power, the action film starring Jason Isaacs, John Cusack and Melissa George. Here is the official press release:

Due to the default of a significant equity investor in the action film Stopping Power producer IM Stopping Power GmbH (wholly owned subsidiary of Internationalmedia AG) has had to shut down production of its first motion picture today just before commencing principal photography. IM Stopping Power unfortunately has been rendered insolvent by the investor's breach. The ramifications of the insolvency on other companies in the Internationalmedia Group are currently under investigation. Already with the release of the half-year interim report on August 14, 2007 IM Internationalmedia AG had announced that its available cash had reached a critical point.

The film follows a criminal on the run (Isaacs) who steals an RV with a young girl inside, then forces the girl's father (Cusack) to participate in his getaway by acting as a decoy for the police. George portraysCusack's girlfriend.